Truck Drivers Needed and Shipping Backlogs

Posted on December 10, 2021 by D&D Sexton

With more people making home renovations and favoring home goods over traveling, consumer demand has increased rapidly. In order to meet this sudden rise in demand put a strain on the supply chain, creating the need for more drivers to deliver the goods increased as well.  Supply chain disruptions aren’t caused by one factor but by several pieces falling out of sync with the rest of the supply chain. During the COVID-19 pandemic, factories all over the world shut down or decreased their workforce leading to disruptions in America’s “just-in-time” supply chain which was not able to scale enough to react to massive demand jolts. As consumers prepare for the holiday season, they too will feel the impact of the disruption from the out-of-stock signs and empty shelves to higher prices and longer waiting lines.

Congestion At the Cargo Ports

At major U.S. ports, the delays have caused the amount of time it takes to ship a container to take three times longer than normal. In an effort to clear the cargo backlog at the ports, Biden pushes for 24/7 operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This can provide relief at the ports and reduce waiting time for truck drivers, but ports are one cog in the machine. Once the cargo is moved from the ports, it is now held up in distribution centers or railroads creating the next snag in the supply chain. All the while needing trucks and drivers to move the goods to the next location in the journey to the consumer’s hands.


Regardless of whether it’s at ports, warehouses, or other branches of the supply chain, despite extending working hours, most just simply don’t have enough drivers to move their cargo at all hours. The aging driver population, the pandemic, vaccine mandates, and the lack of new drivers willing to shoulder the responsibilities of moving big-rigs are causing the current workforce to be stretched thin. Not only is specialized and professional training is required in order to even get a job to drive a truck but once the pandemic hit, new drivers are having trouble getting licenses or even an appointment for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The shortage of drivers isn’t the only part causing issues. Delays and headaches for drivers who are trying to work are held up by a shortage of tires, containers, parts, and needed key raw materials, creating other turnover issues.

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