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Posted on February 28, 2022 by D&D Sexton

D&D Sexton Now Hiring with Truck Driving Jobs in Texas

Loads of freight are waiting around the country to be picked up at rates that have never before been seen. Now more than ever, the trucking industry, and for that matter, the modern world, is reliant on truckers to keep a modern society functioning. 

D&D Sexton Inc. is constantly in search of the best and most qualified drivers in the lower 48 states to help deliver time-sensitive goods safely and reliably. 

Types of Jobs Available at D&D: 

Local Truck Driving Jobs

Local driving positions have drivers start and end their day at the same facilities. Drivers who work these positions are home daily and include full benefits therein. This position requires a CDL and is paid by the hour based on driving experience. Routes may vary in terms of distance and frequency but all loads will be hauling a refrigerated trailer full of goods from one facility to another.


Spotter positions are similar to local in a sense that they are home daily and paid hourly with full benefits. However, spotters only work within the boundaries of the facility they are working. A spotter shuttles trailers around with an Ottawa Yard Dog, a small truck capable of hooking to a large reefer trailer.

OTR: Over The Road 

This is the most classic depiction of the iconic truck driver. The Over-the-Road driver could be out on the road delivering loads as long as they like. There are always times where the driver has to take some time to “reset” their driving clock to start a new series of shifts. Pay for OTR Drivers is mileage based and all drivers receive full benefits and bonuses for safety, fuel efficiency, and a number of others. The OTR Driver is generally the highest pay scale vs home time. 


Regional driving positions are like OTR in some ways and local in others. Though not as much home time as a local position, the Regional Driver would be placed on lanes near their home region so they have more opportunities to sleep in their own bed and spend time with their family. 

Focused on Truck Driver Recruiting

Traditional methods of recruiting drivers have certainly changed and evolved over the past 20 years. The advancements of the internet and Information Age, and widespread adoption of smartphone technology has created new opportunities for companies to connect with new drivers. Social media platforms have allowed us the opportunity to target specific areas like never before. 

We at D&D understand more than most how important it is for drivers to be able to spend time at home. We have been focusing on recruiting in the areas of the country where we have the most frequent lanes running so we can make more ways for more regional driving opportunities.  Along with a focus on home time, we have excellent benefits for any professional truck driver who wants to join our growing team!

If you are seeing one of our ads on Facebook or online, you are likely within one of our key hiring areas. It is possible we have the perfect combination of mileage and home-time you have been searching for. 

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D&D Sexton Now Hiring with Truck Driving Jobs in Texas