Holiday Photo Contest!

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Rusty Heisten

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays on behalf of the entire D&D Family!

Late last Spring/ early Summer, we hosted a series of photo contests we called “Behind the Trucks.” It was such a joy to see everyone’s entries that we decided to do it once again and we are happy to announce another series of photo contests for the winter months.

The contest rules are going to stay the same. One entry per person, per contest, and the photo with the most likes on Facebook will win $100. We will have one week where you can submit your favorite photo and one week for voting so each month will hold two contests. 

Entries are not limited to just drivers and pictures of trucks. All employees are welcome to enter their favorite photos so long as the content is appropriate and somewhat industry-specific. Winter photos showing trucks in the snow are a good reminder to everyone out there how much we rely on drivers to deliver the goods, even in inclement weather. We are all excited to see more of your perspectives from life on the road. 

Some favorites from the last contest included trucks in interesting places and photos of our furry friends who sometimes get to come along for the ride. Here are a few tips for getting a great photo:

  1. Consider the lighting. Natural light is best if you are trying to get a good photo. 
  2. Framing: What is the focus of your photo? Is it a landscape showing a scene? Or is it a closeup of something detailed?
  3. Use the highest quality camera you have available. For many of us, our smartphones are the best option we have. 
  4. Edit your photos before sending them in. Smartphones all have the ability to edit lighting and color aspects of photos. Experimenting with filters and basic photo edits can go a long way. 

The photos will all go on our Facebook page and they are a great way to gain more interaction with your friends and family, as well as potential new drivers. You all know how much we could use the drivers and every bit of outreach helps. 

Here is the schedule for our winter photo contests. Submit all entries for the first contest this week and we will begin voting the week of 12/20. The first contest winner will be announced the December 27th!

205025193_4167545246671806_7464362812548486221_nfeatured image