Essential Winter Gear for Truckers

Posted on January 7, 2022 by D&D Sexton

Essential Winter Gear for Truckers

From new drivers to seasoned veterans, the winter months always bring challenges every year to those who are caught traveling on the roads. One of the perils of driving is needing to be prepared for any challenges that appear while hauling a load en route to a given destination. Driving a semi-truck in inclement weather conditions not only means needing specific tools to deal with the weather, but also supplies for potential emergency situations. To feel safe and ready to face the challenges of driving during winter conditions, not only should you know the road conditions ahead, but also have the necessary gear if one should encounter a “worst-case scenario.” From truck-related supplies to human-related supplies, this list has you covered.

Extra Food and Water

It’s always better to be prepared than hungry or thirsty so be sure to have some nonperishable food and water bottles stored in your truck. Not only can having a bit of food tide you over until you can get moving again, but having food and water can help keep you calm in a worrisome situation. From dehydrated bags of food to simple protein bars or canned tuna, keeping some food stored away will help get you through an emergency. Although if it is in a can, be sure to pack a can opener as well. If you have a furry co-pilot, don’t forget to store extra food and water for their portion too!

Extra Clothing

It is also recommended to have on hand some extra clothing that you can layer over another, just in case you need to conserve heat or need to get out of the truck to see what is wrong. Insulated pants, waterproof winter gloves, a winter hat or headband, a coat, wool socks, and waterproof winter boots are all encouraged to be stored in your truck when you head down the road this winter. In doing so, you or anyone around you can be dry and protected if needed. Also, be sure to pack extra blankets in case you need to hunker down until the roads clear up. If you run out of fuel and only have your body heat to keep you warm, a blanket and extra layers of clothing are going to be quite useful.

Heavy Duty Knee Pads

Along with clothing, having extra padding around the knees while doing truck maintenance such as changing tires or checking the condition of the vehicle can really help. Although, if the kneepads don’t hold up against the weather, they may end up hurting you more than helping.

Flashlight and Batteries

More often than not when you are stranded alongside the road, it’s going to be dark and hard to see. A sturdy flashlight (along with fresh batteries) can be helpful for many situations whether it’s a flat tire, looking underneath the hood, or flagging down passing vehicles to let them know your location. It is best to not rely on your phone as a flashlight as you may need that battery power for later usage.

First Aid Kit

The most important item to have stored in your truck is the first aid kit, especially if you have medications that need to be taken on a regular basis. When heading out on the road be sure to check the first aid kit to replenish any supplies that might have been used as well as check the expiration dates on extra medications to make sure they are up to date. Contact information of emergency contacts is also a great thing to have with the first aid kit, along with a helpful whistle to signal help and pocket knife or scissors.

Windshield Scraper

Visibility is crucial when driving in winter conditions so if your windshield wipers aren’t keeping up, having a windshield scraper or even a windshield de-icer on hand can help get you through the storm. There are even ice scraper/brush/shovel combinations which are always handy when needing to remove snow around your or other vehicles.

Jumper Cables

Having a working truck will be essential when stranded on the side of the road in a winter storm. Never expect someone else to have jumper cables for you to use so be sure to have your own pair and check the condition of your battery for corrosion as well. Also, make sure to know the proper procedure of jump-starting a vehicle as it can do serious damage if done incorrectly.

Kitty Litter or Salt

After shoveling out a path, use salt or kitty litter while helping give your vehicle the traction it needs to get moving down the road again.

Keep Your Tank At Least Half-Full

With fuel prices rising across the country, keeping at least half of the tank full can get difficult. Although, if you get stuck in a snowstorm that half a tank of fuel might be enough to get you through and on your way after the storm is through.

The Drive Behind D & D Sexton

While there are other basic, must-have supplies for day-to-day operations, these are mostly going to be needed in emergency situations. These items are important to keep inside the truck, they won’t do you any favors sitting at home in your garage. When the winter months set in, the trucking industry is faced up against several challenges. Having drivers arrive safe at their destination is the top most priority of D & D Sexton. Be safe on the roads with these helpful winter truck driving tips! If you have questions about our company or professional teams, reach out to us! We would be happy to have a chat with you. 

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