Category: Road Safety

The Month of April is dedicated to raising awareness about distracted driving. Whether you are driving yourself to work, on a road trip with friends, or hauling a load to a destination, being alert to your surroundings on the road is critical. Everyone on the road has their part to play in making sure not […]

Safety is a Core Value at D&DThose of us behind the scenes at D&D Sexton Inc. have always taken great pride in our award-winning safety record. Now more than ever, the country needs truckers on the road, delivering goods not just efficiently, but also safely. Our drivers share the road with your families and friends […]

From new drivers to seasoned veterans, the winter months always bring challenges every year to those who are caught traveling on the roads. One of the perils of driving is needing to be prepared for any challenges that appear while hauling a load en route to a given destination. Driving a semi-truck in inclement weather […]