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Are you an OTR or regional trucker considering what pay structure will earn you the most? In this blog, we make a complicated topic a little clearer. This week we’ll be comparing the different types of compensation plans that will earn you the most for the valuable work you do as a trucker!When looking at […]

Loads of freight are waiting around the country to be picked up at rates that have never before been seen. Now more than ever, the trucking industry, and for that matter, the modern world, is reliant on truckers to keep a modern society functioning. D&D Sexton Inc. is constantly in search of the best and most […]

With more people making home renovations and favoring home goods over traveling, consumer demand has increased rapidly. In order to meet this sudden rise in demand put a strain on the supply chain, creating the need for more drivers to deliver the goods increased as well.  Supply chain disruptions aren’t caused by one factor but […]